First and foremost thank you for reading my book. It is my joyful way to invite my readers to voice out what they think. If there are areas that needs for improvement or any commendations please do not hesitate to write a comment below.

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  1. When Angels Dare is a short story, that in the short amount of time it takes to read it, does an amazing job, building characters and building a reader connected. What if everyone had their own personal guardian Angel? What if those angels could intervene in order to guide you to meet the love of your life. The writing in this short story is great, making it so easy to attach to the characters. Once I started I had a very hard time stopping. Such a great book.

  2. I loved the funny and, at the same time, the lovely context in which the author approached a biblical idea (like having a guardian angel) and added to it a remarkable dose of romance. Even if the subject seems a classic one – opposites attract, Angelin Sydney conquered me with the manner in which she wrote it with a new and fresh twist, in a lovely Sydney background.

    Besides that, I appreciated that, even if the story is short, the writer made it somehow positively complex, using an imaginative set of language, context, and engaging characters.

    Angelin Sydney captivated me with her unique way of crafting a story from the beginning and I would warmly recommend “When Angels Dare,” especially to the ones who are looking for an untypical and delicious love story!

  3. Wow. I myself have never gone through abuse (sexual,physical, or mental). But recently I have become friends with some individuals who have traumatic stories of abuse from their past. It is not easy to imagine what they have experienced and are still healing from today.

    This book really shocked me. The writing is very good and although it’s a work of fiction it was very believable. The author has a brilliant way of describing the characters and their situations. Showing everything from love to a family in danger who needs help. In the end we have hope that the broken case can become a beautiful mosaic and that everyone has the power to love and be a better person. Great book!

  4. I’ve just read When Angels Dare, and here are my thoughts!
    “Wonderfully, thankfully, once they had found each other, everything rapidly fell into place.” A beautiful quote from a truly lovely story! This author created a beautiful story about main characters Dan and Guin and their guardian angels. I really enjoyed how the angels created the seemingly “serendipitous” moments in the character’s lives, and I found myself thinking about this possibility in my own life. It’s definitely an awesome concept that was written into this story so, so well. This book was a quick read, and the story was captivating. I was so intrigued to see what the angels would come up with in order to ‘play cupid’ with this perfect match. An incredible concept, well-written story with likeable characters- When Angels Dare will bring some much needed wonder and beauty into your life!

  5. “‘What did this proposal cost you?,’ knowing that it must have been a lot. ‘Everything and nothing.’”The Violinist and the Ballerina was a touching story to read! In this story, fate brings together two individuals who knew each other at earlier points in their lives and offers a chance for reconciliation of past wrongdoings. This author tells a story with terrific detail, relatable characters, and a plot that flows perfectly from beginning to end. I loved the gorgeous descriptions of dance and music incorporated in this story- it was so beautifully described and really brought the art to life. This story was entertaining, pleasantly surprising, and a quick, yet emotional read. I’ll definitely be recommending to family and friends.

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