Lifesaver in a Bikini

Lifesaver in a Bikini is the prequel to the Cameron Series.

This action-filled, high-intensity, romantic thriller will take you to the edge of your seat. Definitely unputdownable from the first chapter to the last.

When beautiful, sassy ballistics expert Queen Gomez finds herself thrust into

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Cameron of the Seas

This much-anticipated fourth book of The Cameron Series is riveting, engaging, and emotional.

Angelin Sydney succeeds in bringing to life an extraordinary tale of love, sacrifice, and heroism.

Bernard “Duck” Mabo Cameron, a Lieutenant Commander in the Royal Australian Navy, lost a leg in a black

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Cameron of the Skies

Cameron of the Skies is an exhilarating romantic action-thriller. It will make you clamour for more.

After Return to Cameron Country, Angelin Sydney is back with the remarkable story of a couple whose lives converged in a dangerous, humorous, and intoxicating ways.

Captain Banjo Mabo Cameron is

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Courting Pippa

Courting Pippa is a heart-warming romantic-comedy. It is a surprisingly whimsical story that will leave you smiling days after you finish reading it.

Courting Pippa brings us back to the age of innocence.

Since joining the New South Wales' Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit as a desk jockey, Pippa

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Geeks in Love

This surprising romance novella between two geeks is adorable, to say the least.

Nathaniel Levy, aka Eraser, works for the Government: The Federal Reserve Bank of America specifically. Here, he meets Millie, the woman of his dreams.

The problem is she is his boss and that's not the only

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Loving Faith and Hope

Loving Faith and Hope is one of the best love triangles ever. This gorgeous story is not a run-of-the-mill tale of love and despair. It is so much more.

What happens when relationships get into difficulties?

Luke is in love with Faith, but he also loves his surrogate sister, Hope.

Everything is

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The thing about abuse is you can’t bury it like the dead. It’s not a dead pet, or a dead loved one or friend. It stays in your heart... so for as long as it keeps beating... you have to keep

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Three Men, Little Alvin, and a Tonka Truck

Three Men, Little Alvin, and a Tonka Truck is an adorable caper of a story. It will tug at your heartstrings.

Little Alvin is a cute, blond-haired, blue-eyed boy who has the world at his feet. Though he could afford to buy all the toy stores in the world, his most prized possession is a Tonka

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The Cameron Brothers Box Set

When ballistics expert Queen Gomez finds herself thrust into the middle of a murder mystery, the media hails her‘the lifesaver in a bikini’.'

Her husband, New York SWAT Officer Giorgio Gomez, tells her to stay in the crime lab and let the detectives handle it. She wouldn’

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When Angels Dare

This divine short story is quirky, funny, dramatic and magical.

It may only be 8,000 words, but When Angels Dare is like ice cream for the soul.

Written with sensitivity, it carries an uplifting message and it packs an emotional punch.

This touching tale of Guardian Angels playing Cupid will me

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